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Youth Ministry

CCCyouth is a group of the youth of Christ Community and the surrounding area jr. high, sr. high and home schoolers, 6-12 grade. We exist to make disciples of Jesus Christ who glorify God by following Christ daily. We seek to accomplish this through cultivating close friendships, meaningful worship, Biblical teaching/studies that target the heart and speak into the culture, engaging and challenging questions, as well as fun community events.

Daytona Beach Church Youth (cropped)

CCCyouth meets:

6:00 on Wednesday nights at Christ Community Church for a meal, hang-out, worship, and teaching.

9:20 on Sunday mornings at Christ Community Church for both middle school and high school Sunday school classes.

Various other activities monthly. 

CCCyouth Vision:

Our leaders seek to make disciples by serving alongside the parents, and cultivating gospel-centered relationships with the students. This requires time, effort and sincerity. The leaders are being equipped to 1) ask the students good questions that target the heart and promote growth, 2) teach the students to read the Bible, 3) challenge the students to invest in others. We believe everything we do in CCCyouth accomplishes discipleship in some way, but we feel called to champion discipleship through relational ministry (life on life) in order to best shepherd those we’ve been entrusted with.

We provide a teaching and worship night for students in grades 6-12. We meet at 6:00 pm every Wednesday at CCC for a church-provided meal, and time to connect with each other. From 6:30-8 pm we gather for announcements/games/laughs and then split up for separate middle school and high school teachings. On other nights, we don't split up, and the whole group will gather for a night of worship and prayer. We use those nights to respond corporately in praise and also reflect individually through prayer and scripture reading.

Middles school teachings are generally more geared towards important topics and small group times for questions and answers. High school teachings almost always follow a book of the Bible, or biblical theme, for weeks at a time. The purpose of our teaching is to present the Gospel and equip the students with firm, foundational beliefs in the Bible, while also challenging their thinking and reasoning as believers.

If you, or your student, are interested in CCCyouth, please contact Daniel Walker.