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EQUIP is an informal class for adults of all ages and the primary place, outside of the sermon, where we offer courses on core doctrines of the faith—from a missional, gospel-centered perspective—in order to equip the saints for the work of ministry. Come grow in your understanding of your faith. We meet every Sunday at 9:20am in the Youth Room.



Growing In Christ, Part II

growing in christ

Through June 4th in Equip we'll be studying part 2 of J.I. Packer's book Growing In Christ. This book shows that spiritual growth requires careful learning and thoughtful living of the Faith. Our sessions will cover Packer's rich expositions and the beautiful summaries of the meaning and purpose of Baptism. Join us at 9:20 in the Equip Room.


Delighting In the Trinity

June 11-July 9

delighting in trinityDo you ever feel like the doctrine of the Trinity is a burden, or something tacked on to your faith? Or have you ever thought, "I believe in the Trinity, but I'm not sure how it makes much difference in my day to day." Michael Reeves's book Delighting In the Trinity was written for people like you (and me!) to see how crucial and wonderful it is that God is Triune. Starting June 11th, join us in the Equip class during either worship hour as we study and delight in our Triune God with the help of this book.


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